Friday, May 31, 2013

Back to Basics

My insurance, after jerking me around for 2 weeks, decided that they will be covering all my meds except my stimming meds. Which is fine and dandy if it wouldn't cost me $1700!  I was supposed to start my meds in 2 weeks so I decided to cancel the cycle because there is no way I could afford my meds. Jon is leaving on Tuesday to visit his brothers in LA so we really can't afford anything extra. So we are going back to basics

This means that I will start temping again and using ovulation predictor kits. I think we have a better understanding of what our issues are so we can address them with supplements and what not. We haven't been trying naturally in over a year so this will be different. I hope we can do this natural, but I am not naïve enough to think it will happen no problem. I will still be saving up for our next IVF cycle.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Life of an infertile

Nothing like brining your niece to dance class and being around a bunch of newborns....on the first day of the cycle. Fml seriously. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

With the upcoming cycle, comes more stress

So going into this cycle I thought we were going to be on less meds my doctor said quality over quantity. I agreed
But still I wanted to make sure we had enough eggs to work with. The only good thing was going to be less money for meds. I was wrong of course, i am on the same dosage as last time, that means coming up with $2000 in the next month. Ugh, I wish things weren't so expensive and hard! I have no idea where I will come up with this money. Hopefully I will have some meds donated from my nurse like last time. 

I also have a call into a couple of different loan offices specific for infertility so hopefully I will get things figured out really soon. I just stopped birth control I'm on 1500 mg of metformin and will be getting blood work done next week while I'm on my period. I start birth control back up next weekend and then 2 weeks later start meds! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dates, dates, we've got dates!

We have dates for IVF #3!! I can't believe it's actually coming quickly. I have some regular blood work to do next week when my pills are done. Then I start another pack of birth control pills next weekend. I stay on those till June 14th which is when I start my suppressant Lupron. I start my stims the 29th of June and looks like IVF procedure the week of July 8th! 

I can't believe how close this is. I'm a little freaked out but I have a really good feeling about this cycle so I'm trying to stay optimistic! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The day many infertile women dread....mothers day.

I'm not sure how I feel personally on Mother's Day. The past 4 I have just thought " next year I will be celebrating Mother's Day with my own baby." And of course as you know that still hasn't happened. I don't need things to be about me, but when every other woman in my families is being honored, it sucks when it's about something you want the most. This year I'm sad, but I'm so hopeful for my next cycle so I'm trying not to dwell on this too much. All I can do is really be thankful for the awesome role model mothers I have in my life. My mom and my step mom :) 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lifestyle changes

I am already a pretty healthy eater in the sense that I eat fruits and vegetables a lot. However I do have a real strong addiction to sugar I eat cakes cookies candy and of course my favorite chocolate! I saw a study on YouTube recently that compared sugar addiction to that of heroin or crack. Apparently when you get your "hit" of sugar it triggers the same feel good hormones that the drugs do. I also read in the book Clean Eating for Dummies that sugar really is an addiction that needs to be broken. 
So long story short I started the clean living lifestyle. I've cut out as much processed foods I could and sugars. I bought some organic foods from my local co-op and am trying to go natural or organic. I really think this will help hormone imbalance and maybe my body will produce eggs properly. My body will be cleaner without all the extra chemicals and a plus, I will hopefully drop the 20lbs I have been working on. 

As for the metformin, I had a crappy reaction to it yesterday because of Mac and cheese and chocolate chip cookies. So I figure my clean eating will also help with my reactions so I can stay on it. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Started metformin

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. I had a little freak out because a) I'm half way to 50 b) I am almost out of my 20's and c) I really thought I would be pregnant by now. I did have a birthday party BBQ and it was a lot of fun! Saw family and some friends, definitely a good time :)

Anyways I started my metformin yesterday and at the beginning I felt fine, but then I realized near the end of the afternoon I hadn't eaten much. So I are one little piece of kielbasa, immediately I started feeling sick and ended up in the bathroom. I eventually was able to eat a little something, but most of the night I felt kind of crappy. I'm really hoping this passes like the dr told me it should because I'm not even taking the full dose she wants me on!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Got a plan!

Went to our doctors today, there was a lot of confusion between Monday and today. I ended up scheduling an ultrasound appointment without meaning to! All was well though because I guess I needed to do another saline ultrasound because its been a year since I had that done last, which lets face it, is depressing. A whole year?!? Really?!?! Anyways everything looked good just like last time, I have a perfect uterine exciting.

She also started me on metformin, I am looking forward to this for a couple reasons. I have read in numerous places that it really helps egg quality it has also been known to help you lose and maintain your weight. So yea I start that tomorrow. My RE said that my nurse in Dartmouth where I do my treatments will contact me soon, so here we go!! We're hoping to cycle in July which really isn't that long!