Saturday, April 27, 2013

DH's DNA fragmentation test..

When Jon and I went to see the new RE she had us immediatly order a sperm analysis to test Jon's sperm for DNA fragmentation. We were able to order a kit to do at home and the lab would send dry ice that day. So the day comes and my husband does the test right before work. He comes in when he is finished and says he doesn't know if they will get anything because the sample was so small. So I went and looked at it and freaked out! There was like nothing in there! So an hour later I was pain stakingly trying to get every last drop into the vials. I sent it out that day with no hope at all that they would get anything. I posted on the infertility board I frequent and said I was nervous about it. They all made a good point, they don't need much since they aren't looking for numbers just fragmentations.

So fast forward to Friday and I got the call that Jon's sperm is normal!! No fragmentation issues!! This was awesome to hear, it's not often that we get some good news. At this point I am definitley feeling good about our cycle coming up in probably July.

I am currently taking a egg quality "cocktail" the RE that we went to for a second opinion put both Jon and I on CoQ-10 and I did a lot of research on Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly is mixed in bee pollen in the gel I take. I have read great results from different places especially how the ladies had much better mature egg quality which is my problem. Plus if my doctor starts me on Metformin I should be in pretty good shape! I am getting really excited for the next cyle.

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's been awhile

I haven't written in a while but mostly because I haven had much to say! We have been in limbo for 3 months now, but I think we finally have a plan to move forward. We met with a new RE at Baystate reproductive health. I liked the doctor in the sense that I thought she could get us pregnant but I didn't like her personality at all. She did put us on coq10. This is supposed to help both sperm and egg quality issues. After a lot of research I also started taking royal jelly with bee pollen in gel form I have also heard great things about egg quality with this. I thought we were all set to move on to a new DR with a new plan. I was wrong.

I had my follow up appointment with my current RE and I really like the direction she would like to go in. She is thinking about putting me on Metformin for egg quality. I read up about this and have seen some awesome results with other ladies who changed up like this. She would like me to be on it for 2 months before my next cycle which is what I figured we would be waiting anyways. I really liked this plan so I think we will be staying with our current RE for one more cycle.

I feel really good about this decision and will be calling my RE today to tell her we are ready to go! Feels good to be hoping back on the IVF train.