Monday, June 17, 2013

IVF # 3.....

Has begun! I started taking my Lupron shots Friday morning and will be having a baseline appointment on the 26 to make sure I'm all set to start stims. 
I thought I would also include what I really have to do through out my cycle to rep and actually do for the IVF cycle. So above is what I take every morning to prepare for a cycle. The stuff on the spoon is called Royal jelly. I've mentioned it before, it's supposed to help with egg quality and health. The small white pill is birth control, ironically I have to take it to get pregnant. The dark brown thin pills are coq-10, it's also supposed to be for overall egg health. 
Metformin is the bigger round pill and again that's for cycle and egg health. And lastly is the light brown pills. Those are prenatal pills for my overall health and (hopefully) baby's health. 
I take one more metformin pill at night so it really is an all day thing.   

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